H.E.L.P.’s mission is to develop the pathway for children living in rural regions of Africa to become integral members and leaders in society through quality education. H.E.L.P. is committed to cultivating the academic potential of each child through a comprehensive range of opportunities in primary school to prepare students for the next level of education, and to support those efforts through secondary and tertiary school scholarships.

H.E.L.P. believes it is every child’s birthright to provide Hope for a better future through access to quality Education and to receive unconditional Love and Protection from disease and illness. To one day see a world in which children from the most impoverished regions have access to the quality education they need to lift their families, their countries, and themselves out of poverty. H.E.L.P. envisions a school as not only a safe place that educates students, but also an environment that provides students with the necessary foundation to foster future growth to be productive citizens and future leaders. This vision is shared and pursued in concert with Central African Wilderness Safaris and many partners.


Jillian Wolstein, founder
of H.E.L.P.

It was almost twenty years ago when I first ventured to Africa. It left such an impression on me and I wanted to do something impactful. At the time my children were young and I was dedicated to them, I wasn’t able to travel for any extended period of time. I then returned to Africa 10 years ago and I could feel the pull on me was even stronger. It was time for me to get immersed on a deeper level.


Jillian Wolstein, founder and executive co-chairwoman * †

Scott Wolstein, executive co-chairman * †

Adam Kaufman ● Allyson O'Keefe ● Barrie Spang ● Bill Stern ● Bobby Rutter

Chris Badger ● David Orth ● Dexter Hammett † ● Frank Gallucci ● Jan Manning † ● Jen Pethel ● Jennifer Young

John Weston ● Lesley Kaye ● Mark Vogel * † ● Michael Schwartz ● Nicole Salerno ● Robert DiNozzi ● Ron Oehl ● Stacy Singerman

Steve Rosen ● Steve Zashin ● T.J. McManamon

*Denotes executive committee
† Denotes committee chairs

H.E.L.P. Staff


Patti Davis - Executive Director

Debbi Burt - Office Manager


Angela Khonyongwa - Country Director

Juve Chabuka - Program Manager

Lemani Ngaiyaye - National Program Manager

Amy Goeppinger – (USA) International Volunteer Coordinator


The roots of every H.E.L.P. program are sustainability and community collaboration. We take the maxim “It takes a village to raise a child” literally. That’s why we engage tribal chiefs, community leaders and partners in decision-making and setting goals and design programs to empower those in need. We believe in the adage, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” Our goal is to provide tools and opportunities children and their community can use to change their lives and generations to come. It’s a hand up, not a handout.


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