It was almost twenty years ago when I first ventured to Africa. It left such an impression on me and I wanted to do something impactful. At the time my children were young and I was dedicated to them, I wasn’t able to travel for any extended period of time. I then returned to Africa 11 years ago and I could feel the pull on me was even stronger. It was time for me to get immersed on a deeper level.

I sought out opportunities for my involvement with two prerequisites; that there be a human connection with those we were helping and that my children were engaged and could hopefully share my passion. My children have traveled the world but always in a very protected, luxurious manner. No matter where we were in the world they were basically looking in a mirror of themselves. It didn’t matter if their skin was a different color, their eyes a different shape, they were the very small percentage of the world that was affluent as our family. In Western cultures we judge someone by how much they are worth financially. It doesn’t matter what their character, if they were are rich we idolize them. So if you are poor, you must be stupid. I wanted my children to see things differently, for what they really are. For the vast majority of the world, financial worth and character have absolutely nothing to do with one another. You could be the most brilliant writer, the most gifted artist, but without the necessary tools to develop (no parents, government funding, education) no one would ever know. This was my motivation behind advocating for an empowering the children in Africa. With these thoughts driving me, it was serendipitous that shortly after I returned home, I was introduced to a small project starting in Malawi. Six weeks later I was in Malawi and overwhelmed by the Malawians’ hunger to learn, their warmth and their welcome, thus H.E.L.P. was born.

When you love what you do, why you are doing it, and with whom you are doing it… it’s incredible what can be accomplished. I can’t believe how far we have come in such a short time. It’s been a remarkable journey. Working with such a committed community not only fuels my passion; it also brings ‘fun’ to working on our mission.

I look forward to changing lives in Malawi with excitement, but it cannot be done without your help. Throughout this site you will see what we have accomplished, what we are doing now, and what we hope to do in the future. With each bit of help, we give hope for a better future for the children.

On behalf of the thousands of children from across the globe that you may never have the pleasure of meeting, THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting our mission and believing in us. Together we continue to make a difference.

Jillian Wolstein,
founder of H.E.L.P.