Katie Cassidy Partners with HELP Malawi

Actress Katie Cassidy, best known for her role on the television series Melrose Place and now Gossip Girl (which launched this September) has joined the HELP team as their new spokesperson. We are delighted to have Katie on board and she is just as eager to help us achieve our goals!

“I am honored to have been asked by HELP to travel to Malawi and work at their much needed primary school and interact with the children. I think H.E.L.P. is one of the most socially conscious and proactive African charities out there and supporting them is a gift and a lifelong dream of mine.  There is so much to be done and to be able to help draw attention to them in some small way is a true honor.  I encourage people to take a look at this charity and get involved.”- Katie Cassidy

Katie and HELP Board Members just recently journeyed to Malawi, Africa to visit and participate on the grounds.  Katie witnessed first hand HELP’s ongoing efforts and learned more about our mission.  During the trip, Katie took part in daily activities and after school programs such as rolling handmade beads for Magazine Necklaces and making mango jam and peanut butter.

While in Malawi, Katie learned how H.E.L.P. utilizes resources in the natural environment to teach the children and the community self-sustaining skills. She helped to plant crops, make stoves out of mud and clay, and harvest the jam and peanut butter ingredients which were grown at the local school.  Katie left her special mark in Malawi by creating the Katie Cassidy and Friends Garden. In the garden Katie and the children planted lemongrass which is a nutritious and vitamin enriched herb that will be used to make tea and protect against insects. They also planted a Moringa Tree, nicknamed The Miracle Tree, which is known for it’s ability to build the immune system, resist droughts, purify contaminated water, and offer countless medicinal benefits.

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